Thursday, December 2, 2010

"The Purpose of Life"

The purpose of life is shallow, and empty if Christ is not your healer, helper, and hope, and your center. Many times in conversation the question is aroused, “What is the Purpose of Life”? This question can be answered in many different ways, and everyone seems to have their own opinion or belief on the matter. Some think we all have a purpose, many believe they know their purpose. Some think we live here on this earth, then go to heaven; some simply think we live then die. Whatever you think is your belief, but I personally think we all live, then die, then our spirit goes into a time of rest until the final judgment of man. Were depending on our lifestyle, we either go to heaven or hell.
I have believed in this my whole life. I believe this is a good outline to life. It gives me hope that there is something more than just life on this planet, but this still doesn’t tell us the meaning of life. It does not tell us why we must live on this planet, it does not tell us why God does not just let those he knows will choose him, go to heaven, and skip life on this planet. So, I want to dig deeper. I want to talk about more than just the average short term goals that everyone talks about when the question of life is brought up. I want to talk about the absolute reason for having to exist on this earth. So here is my idea of how we find our purpose, and reason to live in this world.
As I’ve grown up, I have learned that most people think simply. They think in the short term. They fight to accomplish goals, and once they reach one goal, they immediately begin to fight to reach the next goal that society has said has to happen in order to be called a normal person. People do not allow themselves to enjoy the journey of life, they do not allow themselves to experience everything, because they are in such haste to reach new check points in life.

At a young age, our goal is to accomplish getting educated, after high school usually we send ourselves off to college and then receive a higher education. Then once we have reached the level of education we wanted to reach, we then make it our goal to find a job, following a job comes a car, house, marriage, children and then the all glorious retirement where many purchase the things they have desired their whole life.

The goals we all try to achieve are great. They fill our time here on this earth perfectly, and they give us the desire to live and keep on fighting to make things happen and be successful. I believe that if you work hard and focus you can do anything, and you can achieve every goal you set for yourself. But iv noticed something. When people achieve the goals they set, the joy from achieving what ever it is the want to do shortly lasts, and then they are off again, fighting to accomplish another vigorous task, off to accomplish the next goal! So my question still stands, what is the absolute purpose of having to exist on planet earth, why cant God just let the righteous go to heaven, and not have to put up with this planet, what is the purpose for us to be here?

When we are sitting in our homes, and work is done, many people sit and wonder what will happen tomorrow and, why will tomorrow happen and many feel very empty and hopeless. Often those who have the most on this earth feel the emptiest. Everyone will agree that even when they have all the things they desire, they still have an overwhelming empty feeling. I believe it is like this because of one reason. It is like this because the only thing that truly matters on this earth is having a daily abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Nothing else matters! Nothing will fill the emptiness we all have, except the fulfilling love of Christ. Christ gives us, healing, help, and hope.

In life when it boils down too it all of the things this earth can offer us are pointless, it says this in the book of ecclesiasts. Man dies and all he has done is left for the wind to blow away. This can seem depressing. God is the only reason to live. So I come to my conclusion, The purpose of life is shallow, and empty if Christ is not your healer, helper, and hope, and your center.

At the end of the day, when we are all looking at why tomorrow must happen, when we are all thinking why must we live on this earth we need to focus on Christ.

The reason we must all live on this earth, even though our destiny’s were determined long before our birth, is because God has to allow his plans to play out, if we all went straight to heaven just because God knew we would choose to follow him, it would not be fair to us. It would take away our power of choice, and it would make him a controlling God. So we must first live on this earth, die, then go to the place God has seen fit for us. So again I say it in closing. Live your life for Christ! Christ is the only way we will find pure, true joy, with him there is no such thing as empty.

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