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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are we playing Favorites?

if you have been watching the finals you will notice a few things.
1. Rondo is....FIREE
2. Robinson is....FIREE
and third....something that irritates me, is Gasol has been fouled about ten thousand times, and 90 percent of those mugs have been false calls. tonite gasol fell and then wallace fell, and a foul was called...wen clearly, gasol was not even touched by wallace. this disapoints me. that may just be, becuase i am for boston, but it just seems as it the refs arnt watching the replays enough.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Band of horses....pure Genius

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Two yr old baby smokin, wuhhh???

he takes longer hits than snoop

The Begining

Here we go. i started "that good good" june 29, 2009, and i have had my ups and downs in the blogging world. It has had many names, like "my own insanity", "haters will hate" and a couple others. when i first started this mug it was simply a place were i posted kicks, and shirts and jeans and stuff that i was feelin, but since then it has changed. it has become something that i really like to do, and i have gradually put more and more personal things on it. its a place that is all me, and there are no guide lines.that Good Good is were its at...

Iowa/Missouri Camp meeting... if u werent there, ur a nobody

im pretty sure that he was the only white person on the court haha