Sunday, May 23, 2010

haters will hate, but when they do, it shows that you are great hahah

i believe that in least what im starting to realize, call me crazy. is that were all on a journey. Not only to heaven, not only a journey to getting to no God more, not only on a journey of sharing God, but were on a journey to getting to know ourselves. every stage of life we go through, as we grow is like meeting ourselves for the first time. and wha im trying to say is we all wanna fit in, and be cool or watever, but we need to stop trying to fit in, and start trying to stand out. the pursuit of me, meeting myself. God made us and had our lives totally planned out before we were born, and he knows everything. and he loaned us this time on earth and theses bodies, so i believe eachday, God shows us more about ourselves, he shows me, more about me. so what im saying is you do you, dont try to be like someone else!!
be an individual, be diffrent, and if haters hate, shoot be happy as a mug, becuase that means your doin somethin great. and a haters job is to hate, so be happy that u are providing work for someone haha. well thank you for reading this if you did. i hope i got my message across.
im out

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