Saturday, September 26, 2009

sorry guys!!!

I GREATLY APOLOGIZE!! im so sorry i havent had any new posts!!! i go to a acadamy and i live in the dorm there and i never have any spare time!!!! if u wanna hit me up ill still be makeing posts but you can look me up on face book!!


  1. yo im back with some new stuff in my new edition of the future of immaturity so check my blog for updates and such.... also i have a contributor on my blog that will be helping me, so check that out on my blog as well

  2. Long time no talk. . . i like what you did to the blog man, looks nice. Immature Central is out so come check it out and leave a comment about the blog. tell me how it looks, i need your opinion. thanks for the support

  3. First Video Update, Go Head And Check It
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